Adam Travis

Trav (Adam Travis)
Head Coach (Training) & Online Celebrity


Adam was more or less born and raised in the gym, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about exercise, nutrition and anatomy. He started competing as an athlete at the age of 11 and specialises in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman.

Adam offers weightlifting training, video analysis, technical coaching and life coaching on a 1-2-1 and small group basis. He’s no stranger to creating performance-based and aesthetic-based training programmes, and can help you lose weight for competitions while building your strength. He also provides sports psychology services, sports massages and runs kids’ classes.

He helps clients accomplish their goals by focusing on training methods that are proven to gain results. He’s straight-talking, motivational and adapts his approach to each client. He’s always a phone call or message away if you need support or guidance.

Head Coach (Nutrition)


Sam is our head nutrition coach and is passionate about helping people to improve their heath, turn their lives around and achieve peak athletic performance. She’s created a nutrition service that’s proven to get long-lasting results for clients in all walks of life. Sam will take your body composition measurements, help you set goals and support you in developing positive habits. If you want to shed those extra pounds, train competitively or build your confidence, Sam will create a personalised programme that’s right for you, offer continual support and monitor your food diary to keep you on track.

Alongside this, she’s a British Champion weightlifter and coaches our clients face to face and online to achieve a variety of goals.

Sam has a soft sport for pick n mix, wine and Adam Travis.



Darren is one of the newest members of our squad but embodies our culture perfectly. He joins us with a wealth of experience in the fitness industry and loves working with people. He enjoys encouraging people to do things that are challenging to help them push past their own perceived limits and loves watching the grow mentally and physically.

Darren has done lots of endurance and weights-based training in the past but recently found Olympic Weightlifting and fell in love with the sport. He loves being in the gym, whether it’s training, coaching or having a coffee and a chat. He’s approachable, likes to improve himself and others and helping people to find and reach goals.

When no-one is watching his food diary, he’s partial to a chicken kebab or a couple of bags of crisps.

Stephanie Croft


Steph has amazed us with her own personal transformation and commitment to her training and nutrition. As she’s transformed her lifestyle and body, her passion for health and fitness has grown and grown so much so that she’s become a qualified fitness instructor and weightlifting coach. She’s great with kids and has recently joined our team of coaches supporting our kids’ classes. Steph loves to come up with fun warm up and cool down games to make the sessions fun and engaging and is growing into a great coach.

Steph is a breath of fresh air in the gym, she loves to train hard, chat, laugh, drink coffee and keeps us well stocked with protein pizza and skinny beer.

content & website manager


Chelsea looks after our website content and social media marketing.