Alcohol Facts and Calorie Guide

Want to keep the calories to a minimum this Christmas? Many people worry about letting loose and enjoying themselves over the festive period, as they don’t want to undo the months of hard work they’ve put into their weight loss progress. 

If you want to choose your booze wisely this Christmas, here are some interesting alcohol facts and a useful calorie guide. 

Alcohol facts

  1. The effects of  alcohol  on  the  body occur when  ethanol  enters  our  bloodstream  and  passes  through  the  membranes  of  cells  in  your  brain,  heart,  and  other  organs.
  2. Muscles  absorb  alcohol faster than fat.  Therefore,  people  with  larger muscle mass and  lower body  fat  have  higher  alcohol  tolerance.
  3. Alcohol  is  processed  in  the liver,  where  enzymes  help  break  down  ethanol  into  acetaldehyde  and  acetate.
  4. Binge  drinking  can  lead  to  hangovers,  which  are  caused  by chemical  byproducts  created  during  alcohol  processing.
  5. Red  wine  contains resveratrol,  a  substance  which  helps  control  cholesterol,  prevent  blood  vessel  damage,  and  stop  blood clots. Therefore  moderate  red  wine drinking  is  considered  to  have  a  healthy  effect  on  the  heart.

How many calories are in alcohol?

Here is the calorie information for the most popular tipple consumed at Christmas. With this information in mind, will you choose different drinks?

White wine120 (5oz)
Red wine125 (5oz)
Champagne106 (5oz)
Beer215 (16oz)
Cider210 (16oz)
Vodka shot96 (1.5oz)
Rum shot96 (1.5oz)
Tequila shot104 (1.5oz)
Jägermeister shot155 (1.5oz)
Vodka tonic136
Rum and coke142
Gin and tonic150
Gin martini161
Dark and stormy172

See the full infographic below:

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